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Ultra Highspeed Suppression Systems



Rapid Controls Manufactures Ultra High-Speed Suppression Equipment Including:

Control Modules

Ultra High-Speed Suppression Valves

Control Panels

Complete Design and Engineered Drawings

Inspection and Testing of Ultra High-Speed Systems

XF 750

XF 750 Is a pilot operated water control valve which is fitted with a directional spray nozzle. The valve assembly is intended for use in systems designed for explosion deflagration.  The valve uses a piston assembly to hold pilot pressure water  gainst the seat. If the pilot line is depressurized the supply water pressure
immediately forces the piston open discharging through the nozzle.  The valve body is brass, two piece for service.
The water inlet is 1” nst and the outlet is 11/4” nst. The nozzle is brass.

XF 750

Key Features

All Brass Construction

Response Times Under 50 ms

Air Bleed Valves

3/8” Mounting Tap

All Mechanical Operation

1/4” NPT Pile Line Outlet

1” NPT Supply Inlet

11/4” 4.8K Nozzle Discharge Outlet

Easily Disassembled for Maintenance

Made in the USA

Easily Disassembled for Maintenance

What We Do

High-Speed Suppression Design and Installation

High-Speed Suppression Testing and Certification

High-Speed Suppression Valves, Panels, and Modules

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RAPID CONTROLS Ultra High Speed Suppression systems react consistantly below 100ms and depending on design, below 50ms.  Rapid Controls can design your Ultra High Speed Suppression system. Each system is unique in design, must be code compliant, and tested each year.  Installation drawings illustrating the arrangement of discharge piping and detection equipment can be provided. Required hydraulic calculations can be provided.  Rapid Controls can test and verify your existing Ultra High Speed Suppression system. Required annual trip/flow testing and inspection including release time verification can be provided.


Rapid Controls uses High Speed Suppression Modules and optical flame detection, which are designed for the unique demands of the UHSD applications such as munitions manufacturing.

Det-tronics flame detections and HSDM release control system are used in concert with Rapid Controls Manifold and Deluge Valve provide superior reliability and serviceability.

Det-tronics UVIR, IR, UV flame detectors, and HSDM release control equipment can be provided. Det-tronics factory support is available.

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